Sunglasses That Bling

It's Summer Time! And things are heating up! You pretty much can't go to any water-park, swimming pool or even a walk down the street. Without seeing these fabulous glasses on fashionistas. You can't go wrong with a pair like this, they are definitely in style, show a lot of bling and when the sun hits them just right you can even see the sparkle. They have great eye coverage and definitely have a "Hollywood" kind of look. I personally just loved these and wanted to stock them in my store not realizing that it was the latest trend :) I have them in all colors and can't wait to rock the rest of the colors in the "Summer Collection". Either way you can't go wrong throwing on a pair of these fabulous shades that even the celebrities are starting to wear. Get you a pair today and pair with a fabulous Beach Bag, some Old Navy Flip Flops and you can't go wrong! 


Charnessa Frye 

CEO of Shimmer Me Boutique

~Have a great summer~

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