As the holidays approach who doesn't want a little sparkle here and there? Personally this time of the season is when I have an excuse to wear as much Gold as possible. 

So here are a few of my favorite holiday tips:

  • If you're wearing your hair up in a nice and neat bun I would go with either the Golden Tear Drop earrings, Medium sized Gold Hoops, or the Chandelier shape. Or the chunky Gold Studs in your ear. At the large/chunky size of these studs they will definitely give off the Merry Christmas vibe with the Gold & Diamond blinging. 


  • If you are wearing a Messy Bun, I suggest big Gold Hoops to give a Christmas In New York kind of vibe. Or personally my Shimmer Me Boutique Gold Earrings that say BABY. Kinds of like Santa Baby. 

  • If we are doing a necklace, I suggest a medium sized chain as far as how thick. And that the length be down to mid-stomach, this shows very good holiday style and still looks very traditional but bling enough to show your personal style. You can't go wrong with the long Gold necklace and make sure the pendant on it, is at the very end only. The worse is a long and VERY chunky necklace. We only do Chunky at mid chest (personally)

I hope you enjoyed these tips! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from my Shimmer Me Team.


Charnessa Frye 

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